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Electronic Industry Blade

PCB Circular Cutting knifePCB Circular Cutting knife


PCB round-angled assembly knife for cutting multi-layers PCB board. Custom design to match varies shapes of product on varies traces.
Made by SKD-11/Tungsten steel from Japan.
Value engineer option by embedded cutting front SKD-11 body SS-2,9

Shenzhen Xiangyuan Machinery Tool Co., Ltd. is located in the China Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, is a professional engaged in wood, paper cutter, plastic, electronic products, metal strip, slice, cloth cutting knife, copper tungsten diamond tools such as R & D, production, trade in one of the three enterprises. After self efforts, training and the introduction of a number of rich experience in production tool engineering and technical personnel, in order to improve the quality of the production and use of technology tools, tool selection of imported tungsten steel, with CAD professional designers and advanced manufacturing technique, to ensure that the tool use safer, more efficient, more durable!


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